Our Vision & Approach

Hello, and thank you for taking the time to learn about Midpoint Consulting, LLC.  My name is Simon Giancola and I started Midpoint in March of 2020, after spending 20 years in Business Operations in a variety of different capacities.  I have successfully built businesses from the ground up, and have worked for companies who’s clients include some of the largest financial institutions in the world.  Along the way I have gained invaluable experience through my successes, as well as my failures.  During that time I have developed an approach to business and leadership that is the foundation of what Midpoint Consulting is all about.

The Vision

Midpoint Consulting, LLC is a client forward company that is intent on being a true partner with the companies that use our services, and providing unmatched value to those clients.  We have a genuine interest in people and their success, which can be felt in every interaction our clients have with Midpoint.  Our goal is to build Midpoint Consulting into the standard, the industry leader.  We are not going to build this business on the backs of our clients, but rather on the reputation we develop through the quality work and value we provide to our clients.

The Approach

Midpoint is a progressive, forward thinking consulting company that believes in using a modern approach to business operations, leadership, client engagement, and employee development.  We want to be a complimentary piece to our client’s business, not a contradiction to the business.  The team at Midpoint Consulting will not take a “We know everything, and you know nothing” approach to the consulting work we perform and the direction we give.  Instead, consider us “The fresh set of eyes” that can offer a different vantage point when evaluating your business.

When you chose Midpoint Consulting to help with your business needs and goals you will get a level of commitment to your project that is unmatched, and that commitment will be evident in each and every interaction you have with our team.  We will spend the time necessary to gain full understanding of the scope of our clients needs.  Objectively listening to our clients, rather than approaching the project with bias or agenda, is how Midpoint ensures that there is true value in the direction we give and that the strategies we implement are highly impactful.